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Directors of Graduate Studies

Graduate ProgramDegree(s)Director of Graduate Studies
Accountancy (Twin Cities)M AccForester,Clayton L
Addictions (Twin Cities)minorIngwalson,Ann
Addictions Counseling (Twin Cities)M P SKarim,Fiyyaz Allaui Anoor Ibn
Adult Education (Twin Cities)M Ed, certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Adult Health/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Special (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Adult Health/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Adult Literacy (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Adult/Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)certificate
Advanced Management Training for Clinician Leaders (Twin Cities)certificateAbraham,Jean Marie
Advanced Practices in Second Language Teaching (Twin Cities)certificateKing,Kendall Amy
Advanced Wearable Products (Twin Cities)certificateGriffin,Linsey
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorSchwartzentruber,Thomas E
Ag Education & Comm (Twin Cities)MSSmith,Amy Rae
Aging Studies (Twin Cities)certificateGaugler,Joseph E
American Indian and Indigenous Studies (Twin Cities)minorO'Brien,Jean M.
American Indian Public Health and Wellness (Twin Cities)certificateFrizzell,Linda Diane
American Indian Studies (Duluth)minorWebster,Rebecca Marie
American Studies (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorPowell,Elliott Hunter
Animal Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorEndres,Marcia Ines
Anthropology (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorHayes,Kat
Applied Biostatistics (Twin Cities)certificateWolfson,Julian
Applied Business Analytics (Twin Cities)M A B ALiu,De
Applied Child and Adolescent Development (Twin Cities)MAKoenig,Melissa
Applied Economics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorCakir,Metin
Applied Materials Science (Duluth)MSMaurer-Jones,Melissa Ann
Applied Plant Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorStupar,Robert M
Applied Sciences Leadership (Twin Cities)M P SMarquart,Len
Architecture (Twin Cities)MS, M ArchGarcia Lammers,Federico Mario
Art (Twin Cities)M F A, minorWillow,Diane
Art History (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorBlocker,Jane M
Arts and Cultural Leadership (Twin Cities)M P SBorrup,Tom
Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures and Media (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorSinha,Suvadip
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Twin Cities)MASinha,Suvadip
Asset Management (Twin Cities)certificate
Astrophysics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorScarlata,Claudia Maria
Audiology (Twin Cities)Au DEbert,Kerry
Autism Spectrum Disorders (Twin Cities)certificateWolff,Jason James
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorGordon,Wendy Ryan
Bioethics (Twin Cities)MA, minorDeBruin PhD,Debra Ann
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorSham,Yuk
Biological Sciences (Twin Cities)M B SKazlauskas,Romas J
Biomedical Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorWood,David K
Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (Twin Cities)MSSpannaus-Martin,Donna J
Biomedical Sciences (All-University)MSFernandez-Funez,Pedro
Bioproducts & Biosystems Sci, Engr & Mgmt (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorRuan PhD,R. Roger
Biostatistics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorGuan,Weihua
Business Administration (Duluth)M B ATaivan,Ariuna
Business Administration (Twin Cities)PhD, minorDuffy,Michelle Kathleen
Business Administration MBA (Twin Cities)M B A
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MS, certificateLiu,De
Business Research (Twin Cities)MSDuffy,Michelle Kathleen
Business Taxation (Twin Cities)M B TGutterman,Paul Gerard
Chemical Engineering (Duluth)MS Ch ERother,Michael Anthony
Chemical Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS Ch E, M Ch E, minorHackel,Ben
Chemical Physics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorFrontiera,Renee R
Chemistry (Duluth)MS, minorSchreiner,Kathryn M
Chemistry (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorMassari,Aaron
Civic Engagement (Twin Cities)M P SBorrup,Tom
Civil Engineering (Duluth)MSJohnson,Nate
Civil Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorBehrens,Sebastian Felix
Classical & Near East Rel (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorAhearne-Kroll,Patricia
Climate and Health (Twin Cities)minorKim,Hyun
Clinical Ethics (Twin Cities)certificate
Clinical Physiology and Movement Science (Twin Cities)certificate, minorKonczak PhD,Juergen
Clinical Research (Twin Cities)MS, certificateLakshminarayan,Kamakshi
Closely-Held Business Taxation (Twin Cities)certificateGutterman,Paul Gerard
Cognitive Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorInterrante,Victoria
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Duluth)MACollins,Dana Rose
Communication Studies (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorHarris,Kate Lockwood
Community College Teaching (Duluth)certificateBoardman,Alyssa M
Community Health Promotion (Twin Cities)M P HLinde,Jennifer A
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MSLy,Hinh
Comparative Literature (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorLovejoy,Alice
Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorLovejoy,Alice
Computer Science (Duluth)MS, minorKhan,Arshia Anjum
Computer Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, M C S, minorGuy,Stephen J
Conservation Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorBump,Joseph Kelty
Corporate Financial Management (Twin Cities)certificate
Creative Writing (Twin Cities)M F AKearney,Douglas Edward
Curriculum and Instruction (Twin Cities)M EdKing,Kendall Amy
Cyber Security (Twin Cities)minorLawton,Patria Marie
Data Sci for Chemical Engnr and Materials Science (Twin Cities)MSDaoutidis,Prodromos
Data Science (Twin Cities)MS, certificate, minorBoley,Daniel L
Data Science in Astrophysics (Twin Cities)minorScarlata,Claudia Maria
Dental Hygiene (Twin Cities)MS D HReibel,Yvette Grazyna
Dental Therapy (Twin Cities)M D TSelf,Karl D
Dentistry (Twin Cities)MSGruenheid,Thorsten
Design (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, MS, M F A, minorGriffin,Linsey
Development Practice (Twin Cities)M D P, minorWilsey PhD,David Scott
Development Studies and Social Change (Twin Cities)minorBrown,Karen
Developmental Psychology (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorKoenig,Melissa
Dietetics (Twin Cities)M P SChen,Chi
Disability Policy and Services (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Doctor of Business Admin D B A (Twin Cities)D BusAdmn
Dual Language and Immersion Education (Twin Cities)certificateKing,Kendall Amy
Early Care and Education (Twin Cities)M EdKoenig,Melissa
Early Childhood Education (Twin Cities)M EdKoenig,Melissa
Early Childhood Policy (Twin Cities)certificateTemple,Judy
Early Modern Studies (Twin Cities)minorAhearne-Kroll,Patricia
Earth Sciences (Duluth)MS, minorGran,Karen B
Earth Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorBezada,Maximiliano
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorHarcombe,William
Economics (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorChari,Varadarajan V
Educ, Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching Licensure (Twin Cities)M EdKing,Kendall Amy
Education (Duluth)M EdBoardman,Alyssa M
Education, Curriculum and Instruction (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorKing,Kendall Amy
Educational Administration Licensure (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Educational Psychology (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, certificate, minorWolff,Jason James
Election Administration (Twin Cities)certificateJacobs,Larry
Electrical Engineering (Duluth)MS E E, minorTang,Hua
Electrical Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS E C E, minorSalapaka,Murti v
Electrification Engineering (Twin Cities)certificateLawton,Patria Marie
Emerging Leaders in Private Colleges (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Engineering (Duluth)M EngRother,Michael Anthony
English (Duluth)minorTwu,Krista Sue-Lo
English (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorYahav,Amit S.
Entomology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorMesce,Karen A
Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Twin Cities)certificateMiller,Philip Jordan
Environmental Education (Duluth)M E EdErnst,Julie Ann
Environmental Education certificate program (Duluth)certificateErnst,Julie Ann
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorBalbo,Silvia
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)M P HSimcik,Matt
Environmental Health and Safety (Duluth)MEnvHlthSaSchofield,Katherine Elizabeth
Epidemiology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorMason,Susan Marshall
Epidemiology (Twin Cities)M P HWidome,Rachel L
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (Twin Cities)PhD, MSBirnbaum,Angela
Family Education (Twin Cities)M EdRader,Shannon Natasha
Family Social Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorSolheim,Catherine Ann
Feminist and Critical Sexuality Studies (Twin Cities)minorLarasati PhD,Rachmi Diyah
Feminist Studies (Twin Cities)PhD, MALarasati PhD,Rachmi Diyah
Finance (Twin Cities)MSLin,Xiaoji
Financial Mathematics (Twin Cities)MFMMusiker,Gregg Joseph
Food Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorMallikarjunan,Kumar
French (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorAbderrezak,Hakim
Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (Twin Cities)certificateMusiker,Gregg Joseph
Geoengineering (Twin Cities)MSBehrens,Sebastian Felix
Geographic Information Science (Twin Cities)M G I S, minorMcMaster,Susanna Akiko
Geography (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorKipfmueller,Kurt
Germanic Studies (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorGurke,Thomas
Gerontology (Twin Cities)minorDeLiema,Marti
Global Health (Twin Cities)certificateMunoz-Zanzi,Claudia Andrea
Global Public Health (Twin Cities)minorMunoz-Zanzi,Claudia Andrea
Health Care Design and Innovation (Twin Cities)certificate
Health Communication (Twin Cities)MACohen,Elisia Lila
Health Equity (Twin Cities)minorHenning-Smith,Carrie Elizabeth
Health Informatics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, M H I, minorPieczkiewicz PhD,David Sean
Health Services Research, Policy, and Admin (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorKuntz,Karen M
Healthcare Administration (Twin Cities)M H AWhite,Katie Marie
Healthcare Management (Twin Cities)certificateWhite,Katie Marie
Heritage Studies and Public History (Twin Cities)M H S P HHayes,Kat
High Net-Worth Individual Taxation (Twin Cities)certificateGutterman,Paul Gerard
Hispanic & Lusophone Lit, Cultures and Linguistics (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorBeal,Sophia Funkhouser
History (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorSkaria,Ajay
History of Science, Technology & Medicine (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorAlexander,Jennifer Karns
Horticulture MPS (Twin Cities)M P SRogers,Mary Anne
Human Factors/Ergonomics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorHolschuh,Brad
Human Resource Development (Twin Cities)M Ed, certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)M H R I RDoepner-Hove,Stacy
Human Rights (Twin Cities)minorWalling,Carrie B
Human Rights MHR (Twin Cities)M H RLevison,Deborah
Human Services Leadership (Twin Cities)certificateAsojo,Abimbola
Human Sexuality (Twin Cities)certificateMark,Kristen
Indigenous Environmental Systems and Economics (Duluth)certificateWebster,Rebecca Marie
Industrial and Systems Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS I SY E, minorLeder,Kevin Zox
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (Twin Cities)certificateKoenig,Melissa
Integrated Behavioral Health (Twin Cities)M P SKarim,Fiyyaz Allaui Anoor Ibn
Integrated Biosciences (All-University)PhD, MSZimmer PhD,Sara Lana
Integrative Biology and Physiology (Twin Cities)MSSepe,Joseph John
Integrative Biology and Physiology (Twin Cities)PhD, minorvan Berlo,Jop
Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching (Twin Cities)MAKreitzer,Mary Jo
Integrative Leadership (Twin Cities)minorWeerts,David J.
Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (Twin Cities)certificate, minorKreitzer,Mary Jo
International Education (Twin Cities)minorShirazi,Roozbeh
International Taxation (Twin Cities)certificateGutterman,Paul Gerard
Interpersonal Relationships Research (Twin Cities)minorSimpson,Jeff
Italian Studies (Twin Cities)minorAbderrezak,Hakim
Juridical Science (Twin Cities)SJDBix,Brian H
K-12 Technology Integration (Twin Cities)certificate
Kinesiology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorBarr-Anderson PhD,Daheia Julina
Land and Atmospheric Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorFernandez,Fabian G
Landscape Architecture (Twin Cities)MS, M L A, minorKrinke,Rebecca Jean
Law (Twin Cities)minorBix,Brian H
Leadership for Managers (Twin Cities)certificate
Leadership for Science Professionals (Twin Cities)certificateMarquart,Len
Leadership in Education (Twin Cities)M EdJohnstone,Christopher J.
Leadership in Health Info Tech for Health Profls (Twin Cities)certificateBliss PhD,Donna Zimmaro
Learning Analytics (Twin Cities)certificateKing,Kendall Amy
Learning and Talent Development (Twin Cities)M L T DJohnstone,Christopher J.
Learning Sciences (Twin Cities)certificateWolff,Jason James
Lighting Design (Twin Cities)minorIm,Hyunjoo
Linguistics (Duluth)minorPark,Chongwon
Linguistics (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorMarcotte,Jean-Philippe
Literacy & Rhetorical Studies (Twin Cities)minorGraff,Richard J
Literacy Education (Twin Cities)M EdKing,Kendall Amy
Management of Technology (Twin Cities)MS MOT, minorLawton,Patria Marie
Management Science (Twin Cities)M B AMiller,Philip Jordan
Marketing (Twin Cities)M MKTGLutter,Wendy
Mass Communication (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorCarlson,Matt
Materials Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS Mat S E, M Mat S E, minorJalan,Bharat
Maternal and Child Health MPH program (Twin Cities)M P HBonilla,Zobeida E.
Mathematical Sciences (Duluth)MS, minorJain,Harsh
Mathematics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorMusiker,Gregg Joseph
Mechanical Engineering (Duluth)MS M EHoxie,Alison Behrens
Mechanical Engineering (Twin Cities)PhD, MS M E, minorBruggeman,Peter Julien
Medical Device Innovation (Twin Cities)MSLawton,Patria Marie
Medical Industry (Twin Cities)certificateMiller,Philip Jordan
Medical Laboratory Sciences (Twin Cities)M M L SSpannaus-Martin,Donna J
Medical Physics (Twin Cities)PhD, MSAlaei,Parham
Medicinal Chemistry (Twin Cities)PhD, MSHarki,Daniel A
Medieval Studies (Twin Cities)minorAhearne-Kroll,Patricia
Metropolitan Design (Twin Cities)certificateGarcia Lammers,Federico Mario
Microbial Engineering (Twin Cities)MSKazlauskas,Romas J
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorKelekar,Ameeta
Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Twin Cities)PhD, MSDehm,Scott M
Molecular, Cellular, Devel Biology and Genetics (Twin Cities)PhD, minorCourtemanche,Naomi
Molecular, Cellular, Devel Biology and Genetics (Twin Cities)MSZierhut,Heather
Moving Image Studies (Twin Cities)minorGanguly,Keya
Multidisciplinary Research and Creativity (Duluth)M P SBeard,David Edward
Multimedia Design and Development (Twin Cities)certificate
Museum Studies (Twin Cities)minorMcElvain,Jean E
Music (Duluth)M M
Music (Twin Cities)PhD, DMA, MA, M M, minorHamann,Keitha Lucas
Music Education (Twin Cities)certificateHamann,Keitha Lucas
Natural Resources Science & Management (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorEdgar,Christopher B
Neuroengineering (Twin Cities)minorNetoff,Tay Ivan
Neuroscience (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorVulchanova,Lucy
Nonprofit Management (Twin Cities)certificateCheng,Yuan
Nurse Midwifery (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Nursing (Twin Cities)MN
Nursing (Twin Cities)DNPPechacek RN,Judith Marie
Nursing (Twin Cities)PhDTracy,Mary Fran
Nutrition (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorChen,Chi
Occupational Hygiene (Twin Cities)PhD, MSRaynor,Peter Cameron
Occupational Therapy (Twin Cities)OTDMartin PhD,Peggy Mae
Online Distance Learning (Twin Cities)certificate
Oral Biology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorOlson,Julie
Oral Health Educator (Twin Cities)certificateStull,Cyndee
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (Twin Cities)PhD, EdD, MA, certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Orthoptics (Twin Cities)certificateCulican,Susan
Otolaryngology (Twin Cities)PhD Otol
Parent Education (Twin Cities)certificateRader,Shannon Natasha
Patent Law (Twin Cities)MS P LMcGeveran,William
Patent Law (Twin Cities)MS P LTuroski,Christopher M
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care (Twin Cities)certificate
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Performance Improvement (Twin Cities)certificate
Pharmaceutics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorSuryanarayanan,Raj
Philosophy (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorGordon-Roth,Jessica
Physical Activity and Health (Twin Cities)M EdBarr-Anderson PhD,Daheia Julina
Physical Therapy (Twin Cities)D PhysTherLudewig,Paula M
Physics (Duluth)MS, minorHabig,Alec T
Physics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorVinals,Jorge
Plant and Microbial Biology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorHirsch,Candice N
Plant Pathology (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorArenz,Brett Evan
Policy Issues on Work and Pay (Twin Cities)certificateHanratty,Maria J
Political Psychology (Twin Cities)minorGoren,Paul Nurullah
Political Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MAMinta,Michael D
Population Health Informatics & Technology (Twin Cities)certificate
Population Studies (Twin Cities)minorDorelien,Audrey Marie-Christine
Poultry Health (Twin Cities)certificateJohnson,Tim
Prevention Science (Twin Cities)minorSolheim,Catherine Ann
Professional Development Certificate (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Program Evaluation (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Psychological Science (Duluth)MAReich,Catherine Marie
Psychology (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorFrazier,Patricia Ann
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)M P AKelley,Steve
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)PhDTemple,Judy
Public Affairs Leadership (Twin Cities)certificateKelley,Steve
Public Health (Twin Cities)minorWattenberg,Elizabeth Vaughn
Public Health Admin and Policy MPH program (Twin Cities)M P HWurtz,Rebecca
Public Health Core Concepts (Twin Cities)certificateBender,Jeff Blaine
Public Health Data Science (Twin Cities)M P HWolfson,Julian
Public Health Food Protection (Twin Cities)certificateHedberg,Craig W
Public Health Nutrition MPH program (Twin Cities)M P HStang,Jamie Sue
Public Health Practice (Twin Cities)M P HBender,Jeff Blaine
Public Health Preparedness/Response/Recovery (Twin Cities)certificateHedberg,Craig W
Public Policy (Twin Cities)M P P, minorSoss,Joe
Race, Indigeneity, Gender, and Sexuality (Twin Cities)minorPatino Jr,Jimmy Charles
Regulatory Affairs for Food Professionals (Twin Cities)certificateMarquart,Len
Rehabilitation Science (Twin Cities)PhD, MSDougherty,Brendan Joseph
Religious Studies (Twin Cities)minorSeastrand,Anna Lise
Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Comm (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorKessler,Molly M
Robotics (Twin Cities)MS, minorPapanikolopoulos,Nikolaos P
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (Twin Cities)MS, minorKeeler,Bonnie Louise
Scientific and Technical Communication (Twin Cities)MS, minorKessler,Molly M
Security Technologies (Twin Cities)MS S T, minorLawton,Patria Marie
Sex Therapy (Twin Cities)certificateMark,Kristen
Sexual Health (Twin Cities)M P SMark,Kristen
Sexual Health Minor (Twin Cities)minorRosser,B. R. Simon
Social and Administrative Pharmacy (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorFarley,Joel Franklin
Social Work (Duluth)M S W, minorOstrander,Nomi Noam
Social Work (Twin Cities)PhD, M S WRenner,Lynette M.
Sociocultural Studies in Education (Twin Cities)minorDemerath,Peter
Sociology (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorPhelps,Michelle Suzanne
Software Engineering (Twin Cities)MS S ERayadurgam,Sanjai
Special Education (Twin Cities)M EdWolff,Jason James
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, minorEbert,Kerry
Sport and Exercise Science (Twin Cities)M EdBarr-Anderson PhD,Daheia Julina
Sport Management (Twin Cities)MA, M Ed, minorBarr-Anderson PhD,Daheia Julina
Statistics (Twin Cities)PhD, MS, minorRothman,Adam Joseph
Stem Cell Biology (Twin Cities)MS, minorKeirstead,Susan Alice
Strategic Communication (Twin Cities)MASommerfeldt,Erich J
Strategic Management (Twin Cities)certificate
Strategic Marketing (Twin Cities)certificate
Stream Restoration Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)certificateVoller,Vaughan Richard
Studies in Africa and the African Diaspora (Twin Cities)minorBrewer,Rose Marie
Studies of Science and Technology (Twin Cities)minorLove,Alan C
Supply Chain Management (Twin Cities)MSDonohue,Karen Lisa
Supply Chain Mgmt for the Medical & Health Sector (Twin Cities)certificateMiller,Philip Jordan
Surgery (Twin Cities)MS SurgBeilman,Gregory Joseph
Sustainable Agriculture Systems (Twin Cities)minorGrossman,Julie Marie
Talent Development and Gifted Education (Twin Cities)certificateWolff,Jason James
Tax Executive (Twin Cities)certificateGutterman,Paul Gerard
Taxation (Twin Cities)certificateGutterman,Paul Gerard
Teaching and Learning (Duluth)EdDErnst,Julie Ann
Teaching Writing and Critical Literacy (Twin Cities)certificate
Technical Communication (Twin Cities)certificateKessler,Molly M
Technology Leadership (Twin Cities)certificateLawton,Patria Marie
Theatre Arts (Twin Cities)PhD, MA, M F A, minorPahwa,Sonali
Transgender & Gender Diverse Health (Twin Cities)certificateMark,Kristen
Translational Sensory Sciences (Twin Cities)minorNelson,Peggy B
Tribal Administration and Governance (Duluth)M T A GWebster,Rebecca Marie
Tribal Administration and Leadership (Duluth)certificateWebster,Rebecca Marie
Tribal Natural Resource Stewardship, Econ, and Law (Duluth)certificateWebster,Rebecca Marie
Tribal Resource and Environmental Stewardship (Duluth)M T R E SWebster,Rebecca Marie
Tribal Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law (Duluth)certificateWebster,Rebecca Marie
Undergraduate Multicultural Teaching & Learning (Twin Cities)certificateJohnstone,Christopher J.
Urban and Regional Planning (Twin Cities)M U R P, minorLowe,Nichola J
Veterinary Sciences (Twin Cities)PhD, MSPatterson DVM,Ned
Water Resources Science (All-University)PhD, MS, minorAustin,Jay A
Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)certificatePechacek RN,Judith Marie
Work and Human Resource Education (Twin Cities)M EdJohnstone,Christopher J.
Youth Development Leadership (Twin Cities)M EdRenner,Lynette M.