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Graduate ProgramProgram TypeDirector of Graduate Studies
Accountancy (Twin Cities)MastersMr Larry R Kallio
Addiction Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJulie L Rohovit
Additional Teaching Licensure Program (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Adult Education (Twin Cities)MastersDr Frances Vavrus
Adult Health/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Special (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Adult Health/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Adult Literacy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Advanced Dental Therapy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Advanced Management Training for Clinician Leaders (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Advanced Practices in Second Language Teaching (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDemoz Gebre Egziabher
Aging Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Agricultural Education (Twin Cities)MastersDr Frances Vavrus
American Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralJennifer L Pierce
Animal Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Marshall D Stern
Anthropology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid Valentine
Applied and Computational Mathematics (Duluth)MastersDalibor Froncek
Applied Biostatistics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateCraig W Hedberg
Applied Developmental Psychology (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMichael P Maratsos
Applied Economics (Twin Cities)DoctoralRodney B Smith
Applied Kinesiology (Twin Cities)MastersProf Juergen Konczak PhD
Applied Plant Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralJames A Anderson
Architecture (Twin Cities)MastersBlaine E Brownell
Art (Duluth)Masters
Art (Twin Cities)MastersChristine A Baeumler
Art History (Twin Cities)DoctoralMatthew P Canepa
Arts and Cultural Leadership (Twin Cities)MastersMr Tom Borrup
Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media (Twin Cities)DoctoralJason McGrath
Astrophysics (Twin Cities)DoctoralTerry J Jones
Audiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralMark Deruiter
Autism Spectrum Disorders (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Autism Spectrum Disorders certificate program (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics (Twin Cities)DoctoralHiroshi Matsuo
Bioethics (Twin Cities)MastersJohn Y Song
Biological Science (Twin Cities)MastersJanet L Schottel
Biology (Duluth)Masters
Biomedical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralVictor H Barocas
Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology (All-University)DoctoralProf Claudia Neuhauser
Bioproducts & Biosystems Sci, Engr & Mgmt (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Jonathan S Schilling
Biostatistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralSaonli Basu
Business Administration (Duluth)MastersDr Rajiv Vaidyanathan
Business Administration (Twin Cities)DoctoralShawn P Curley
Business Administration (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Michelle K Duffy
Business Administration MBA (Twin Cities)Masters
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MastersGediminas Adomavicius
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MastersPhilip J Miller
Business and Industry Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Business Research (Twin Cities)Masters
Business Taxation (Twin Cities)MastersPaul G Gutterman
Career and Technical Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Frances Vavrus
Chemical Engineering (Duluth)MastersMichael A Rother
Chemical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralYiannis Kaznessis
Chemical Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralMr Aaron Massari
Chemistry (Duluth)MastersDr Paul Kiprof
Chemistry (Twin Cities)DoctoralPhil Buhlmann
Child Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralMichael P Maratsos
Civil Engineering (Duluth)MastersDr Adrian T Hanson
Civil Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralArturo E Schultz
Classical and Near Eastern Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralPhilip Sellew
Clinical Ethics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Clinical Physiology and Movement Science (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateProf Juergen Konczak PhD
Clinical Research (Twin Cities)MastersDr Kamakshi Lakshminarayan
Cognitive Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralJeanette K Gundel
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Duluth)MastersFaith C Loven
Communication Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralMark H Pedelty
Community College Teaching (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Community Health Education MPH program (Twin Cities)Masters
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralKent Reed
Comparative Literature (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Shaden M Tageldin
Comparative Sts In Disc and Soc (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Shaden M Tageldin
Computer Science (Duluth)MastersPeter Willemsen
Computer Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralGeorge Karypis
Conservation Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralFrancesca J Cuthbert
Creative Writing (Twin Cities)MastersPeter Campion
Criminology (Duluth)MastersJeffrey R Maahs
Curriculum and Instruction (Twin Cities)Masters
Data Science (Twin Cities)MastersDaniel L Boley
Dental Hygiene (Twin Cities)MastersChristine M Blue
Dental Therapy (Twin Cities)MastersKarl D Self
Dentistry (Twin Cities)MastersStephen K Shuman
Design (Twin Cities)DoctoralMarilyn J Bruin
Development Practice (Twin Cities)MastersProf Ragui A Assaad
Development Studies and Social Change (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorKaren Brown
Disability Policy and Services (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Frances Vavrus
Dual Language and Immersion Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Early Childhood Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Early Childhood Policy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJudy Temple
Early Modern Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorJB Shank
Earth Sciences (Duluth)Doctoral
Earth Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralMarc M Hirschmann
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (Twin Cities)DoctoralJacques C Finlay
Economics (Twin Cities)DoctoralTimothy J Kehoe
Educ, Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching Licensure (Twin Cities)Masters
Education (Duluth)MastersDr Diane J Rauschenfels
Education (Duluth)MastersDr Julia M Williams
Education Sciences (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorMark L Davison
Education, Curriculum & Instruction (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Kendall A King PhD
Educational Administration Licensure (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Frances Vavrus
Educational Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralErnest C Davenport Jr
Electrical Engineering (Duluth)MastersJing Bai
Electrical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralRandall H Victora
Emerging Leaders in Independent Colleges (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Engineering (Duluth)MastersMichael A Rother
Engineering Management (Duluth)MastersHongyi Chen
English (Duluth)MastersCraig Stroupe
English (Duluth)MastersDr Krista S Twu
English (Twin Cities)DoctoralKatherine W Scheil
English as a Second Language (Twin Cities)MastersProf Elaine E Tarone
Entomology (Twin Cities)DoctoralTimothy J Kurtti
Environmental Education (Duluth)MastersJulie A Ernst
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Matt Simcik
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Elizabeth V Wattenberg
Environmental Health and Safety (Duluth)MastersRobert G Feyen
Environmental Restoration Engineering and Science (Twin Cities)MastersVaughan R Voller
Epidemiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDeAnn Lazovich
Executive Leadership (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Jodi R Sandfort
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (Twin Cities)DoctoralAngela K Birnbaum PhD
Experimental Surgery (Twin Cities)Masters
Family Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Family Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Family Social Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralJodi Dworkin
Feminist and Critical Sexuality Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorCatherine R Squires
Feminist Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralCatherine R Squires
Financial Mathematics (Twin Cities)MastersProf Richard P McGehee
Food Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid E Smith
French (Twin Cities)DoctoralChristophe M Wall-Romana
French Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateBetsy J Kerr
Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateProf Richard P McGehee
Geoengineering (Twin Cities)MastersArturo E Schultz
Geographic Information Science (Twin Cities)MastersSusanna A McMaster
Geography (Twin Cities)DoctoralVinay K Gidwani
Geological Sciences (Duluth)MastersNigel J Wattrus
Germanic Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralJames A Parente Jr
Gerontology (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorRobert L Kane
Global Health (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Health Care Design and Innovation (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMary L Chesney PhD
Health Communication (Twin Cities)Masters
Health Informatics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid S Pieczkiewicz PhD
Health Journalism and Communication (Twin Cities)MastersDan Sullivan
Health Services Research, Policy, and Admin (Twin Cities)DoctoralKaren M Kuntz
Healthcare Administration (Twin Cities)Masters
Hispanic and Luso Literatures, Cultures and Ling (Twin Cities)DoctoralWilliam R Viestenz
History (Twin Cities)DoctoralSarah C Chambers
History of Science, Technology & Medicine (Twin Cities)DoctoralMark E Borrello
Horticulture MPS (Twin Cities)MastersMary H Meyer
Housing Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMarilyn J Bruin
Human Factors/Ergonomics (Twin Cities)DoctoralKathleen A Harder
Human Resource Development (Twin Cities)MastersDr Frances Vavrus
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)DoctoralAvner Ben-Ner
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)DoctoralStacy Doepner-Hove
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Michelle K Duffy
Human Rights (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorBarbara A Frey
Industrial and Systems Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralWilliam L Cooper
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Infrastructure Systems Management and Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersA P Hilger, AIA
Infrastructure Systems Management and Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersPeter A Hilger
Innovation Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateArthur M Harkins
Integrated Behavioral Health (Twin Cities)MastersJulie L Rohovit
Integrated Biosciences (All-University)DoctoralDonn K Branstrator
Integrative Biology and Physiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralJohn W Osborn Jr
Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching (Twin Cities)Masters
Integrative Leadership (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorLouis N Quast
Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateSusan K O'Conner-Von PhD
International Education (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorJoan G Dejaeghere
Interpersonal Relationships Research (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorJeffry A Simpson
Italian Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorSusanna F Ferlito
K-12 Technology Integration (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Kinesiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Juergen Konczak PhD
Kinesiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralStephen Ross PhD
Land and Atmospheric Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralTimothy J Griffis
Land and Atmospheric Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralD J Mulla
Landscape Architecture (Twin Cities)MastersRebecca J Krinke
Law (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorSharon R Paulsen
Leadership in Education (Twin Cities)MastersDr Frances Vavrus
Leadership in Health Info Tech for Health Profls (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Liberal Studies (Duluth)MastersDavid E Beard
Liberal Studies (Twin Cities)MastersJohn Logie
Linguistics (Duluth)Free-Standing MinorChongwon Park
Linguistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralHooi Ling Soh
Literacy & Rhetorical Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorRichard J Graff
Literacy Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Management Fundamentals (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Management of Technology (Twin Cities)MastersProf Massoud Amin
Mass Communication (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Jisu Huh
Materials Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralRussell J Holmes
Maternal and Child Health MPH program (Twin Cities)Masters
Mathematics (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Richard P McGehee
Mechanical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralSteven L Girshick
Medical Device Innovation (Twin Cities)MastersDr Daniel L Mooradian
Medical Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralBruce J Gerbi PhD
Medicinal Chemistry (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid M Ferguson
Medieval Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorAndrew Scheil
Metropolitan Design (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Microbial Ecology (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDr Michael J Sadowsky
Microbial Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersDr Daniel R Bond
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralStephen C Jameson
Molecular, Cellular, Devel Biology and Genetics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Duncan J Clarke
Moving Image Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorProf Shaden M Tageldin
Multicultural College Teaching and Learning (Twin Cities)MastersRobert K Poch
Multimedia Design and Development (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Museum Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorMs Lin Nelson-Mayson
Music (Duluth)MastersDr Jefferson T Campbell
Music (Duluth)MastersDr David C Edmund
Music (Duluth)MastersMark E Whitlock
Music (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Matt Bribitzer-Stull
Nanoparticle Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorUwe R Kortshagen
Natural Resources Science & Management (Twin Cities)DoctoralMike Kilgore
Neuroengineering (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorProf Bin He
Neuroscience (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid Redish
Nonprofit Management (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa M Stone
Nurse Midwifery (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Nursing (Duluth)Doctoral
Nursing (Twin Cities)DoctoralJayne Fulkerson
Nutrition (Twin Cities)DoctoralMarla M Reicks
Occupational Therapy (Twin Cities)MastersPeggy M Martin PhD
Online Distance Learning (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Oral Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Kim Mansky
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Frances Vavrus
Orthoptics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Otolaryngology (Twin Cities)DoctoralBevan Yueh
Parent Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Patent Law (Twin Cities)MastersSharon R Paulsen
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Performance Improvement (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Pharmaceutics (Twin Cities)DoctoralTimothy S Wiedmann
Pharmacology (Duluth)Doctoral
Pharmacology (Twin Cities)DoctoralColin R Campbell
Philosophy (Twin Cities)DoctoralPeter W Hanks
Physical Therapy (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr LaDora V Thompson PhD
Physics (Duluth)MastersRichard W Gran
Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralJoseph I Kapusta
Plant Biological Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralCindy B Tong
Plant Pathology (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Robert A Blanchette
Policy Issues on Work and Pay (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMorris M Kleiner
Political Psychology (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorC. D Myers
Political Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralPaul N Goren
Population Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorJohn R Warren
Prevention Science (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDr Abigail Gewirtz
Product Design (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDr Barry Kudrowitz
Professional Development Certificate (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Frances Vavrus
Program Evaluation (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDavid R Johnson PhD
Program Evaluation (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDr Frances Vavrus
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Psychological Science (Duluth)MastersAlexandra Luong
Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralJonathan C Gewirtz
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)DoctoralKevin S Gerdes
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)DoctoralEdward G Goetz
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Jodi R Sandfort
Public Affairs Leadership (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateKevin S Gerdes
Public Art (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorMr Craig A Amundsen
Public Health (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorKristin E Anderson PhD
Public Health Admin and Policy MPH program (Twin Cities)Masters
Public Health Core Concepts (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Public Health Food Protection (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Public Health Informatics (Twin Cities)MastersDouglas R Wholey
Public Health Nutrition MPH program (Twin Cities)Masters
Public Health Practice (Twin Cities)Masters
Public Health Preparedness/Response/Recovery (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Public Policy (Twin Cities)MastersLaura L Bloomberg
Quaternary Paleoecology (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorProf Emi Ito
Rehabilitation Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralPaula M Ludewig
Religious Studies (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorPhilip Sellew
Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Comm (Twin Cities)DoctoralDonald Ross Jr
Risk Analysis for Introduced Species and Genotypes (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorDavid Andow
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (Twin Cities)MastersAnu Ramaswami
Scientific and Technical Communication (Twin Cities)MastersDr Ann H Duin
Scientific Computation (Twin Cities)DoctoralRenata M Wentzcovitch
Security Technologies (Twin Cities)MastersSteve Kelley
Social and Admin Pharmacy (Twin Cities)DoctoralJon C Schommer
Social Work (Duluth)MastersAnne E Tellett
Social Work (Twin Cities)DoctoralJoseph R Merighi
Sociocultural Studies in Education (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorPeter Demerath
Sociology (Twin Cities)DoctoralAnn Meier
Software Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersDr Mats Heimdahl
Special Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralMark Deruiter
Sport Management (Twin Cities)MastersProf Juergen Konczak PhD
Statistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralGalin Jones
Stem Cell Biology (Twin Cities)MastersDr Nobuaki J Kikyo
Strategic Communication (Twin Cities)MastersAlbert R Tims
Stream Restoration Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateVaughan R Voller
Studies in Africa and the African Diaspora (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorRose M Brewer
Studies of Science and Technology (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorAlan C Love
Surgery (Twin Cities)DoctoralArthur J Matas
Sustainable Agriculture Systems (Twin Cities)Free-Standing MinorCraig C Sheaffer
Talent Development and Gifted Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Teaching and Learning (Duluth)DoctoralMary Ann Marchel
Teaching Writing and Critical Literacy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Technical Communication (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Ann H Duin
Theatre Arts (Twin Cities)DoctoralMargaret L Werry
Transportation Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDavid M Levinson
Tribal Administration and Governance (Duluth)MastersProf Tadd M Johnson Esq
Undergraduate Multicultural Teaching & Learning (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Urban and Regional Planning (Twin Cities)MastersRyan P Allen
Veterinary Medicine (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Srinand Sreevatsan
Water Resources Science (All-University)DoctoralTimothy M LaPara
Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJayne Fulkerson
Work and Human Resource Education (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Frances Vavrus
Youth Development Leadership (Twin Cities)MastersJoseph R Merighi