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Directors of Graduate Studies

Graduate ProgramHighest Degree OfferedDirector of Graduate Studies
Accountancy (Twin Cities)MastersMr Larry R Kallio
Addictions Counseling (Twin Cities)MastersDebra S Wamsley
Additional Teaching Licensure Program (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Adult Education (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa S Anderson
Adult Health/Gerontological Clinical Nurse Special (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Adult Health/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Adult Literacy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Advanced Dental Therapy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Advanced Management Training for Clinician Leaders (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJean M Abraham
Advanced Practices in Second Language Teaching (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDemoz Gebre Egziabher
Aging Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJoseph E Gaugler
Agricultural Education (Twin Cities)MastersAmy R Smith
American Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralKale B Fajardo
Animal Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Marshall D Stern
Anthropology (Twin Cities)DoctoralStuart J McLean
Applied and Computational Mathematics (Duluth)MastersYongcheng Qi
Applied Biostatistics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Bradley P Carlin PhD
Applied Child and Adolescent Development (Twin Cities)MastersKathleen M Thomas
Applied Economics (Twin Cities)DoctoralJoe Ritter
Applied Plant Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralRex N Bernardo
Architecture (Twin Cities)MastersBlaine E Brownell
Art (Twin Cities)MastersChristine A Baeumler
Art History (Twin Cities)DoctoralMatthew P Canepa
Arts and Cultural Leadership (Twin Cities)MastersMr Tom Borrup
Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media (Twin Cities)DoctoralJason McGrath
Astrophysics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Claudia M Scarlata
Audiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralLizbeth H Finestack
Autism Spectrum Disorders (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Autism Spectrum Disorders certificate program (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics (Twin Cities)DoctoralLaurie L Parker
Bioethics (Twin Cities)MastersDebra A DeBruin PhD
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (All-University)DoctoralDr Chad L Myers
Biological Sciences (Twin Cities)MastersJanet L Schottel
Biomedical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralVictor H Barocas
Bioproducts & Biosystems Sci, Engr & Mgmt (Twin Cities)DoctoralBrett M Barney
Biostatistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralSaonli Basu
Business Administration (Duluth)MastersAlan C Roline
Business Administration (Twin Cities)DoctoralShawn P Curley
Business Administration MBA (Twin Cities)Masters
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MastersRavi Bapna
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MastersDe Liu
Business Analytics (Twin Cities)MastersPhilip J Miller
Business Management (Twin Cities)Minor only
Business Research (Twin Cities)Masters
Business Taxation (Twin Cities)MastersPaul G Gutterman
Chemical Engineering (Duluth)MastersMichael A Rother
Chemical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralAditya Bhan
Chemical Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralMr Aaron Massari
Chemistry (Duluth)Masters
Chemistry (Twin Cities)DoctoralPhil Buhlmann
Chemistry (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Paul Kiprof
Child Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralKathleen M Thomas
Civil Engineering (Duluth)MastersCarlos M Carranza-Torres
Civil Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralVaughan R Voller
Classical and Near Eastern Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralChristopher Nappa
Clinical Ethics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Clinical Physiology and Movement Science (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateProf Juergen Konczak PhD
Clinical Research (Twin Cities)MastersDr Kamakshi Lakshminarayan
Cognitive Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralJeanette K Gundel
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Duluth)MastersFaith C Loven
Communication Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralCatherine R Squires
Community College Teaching (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Community Health Education MPH program (Twin Cities)MastersDr Traci L Toomey
Comparative and Molecular Biosciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralKent Reed
Comparative Literature (Twin Cities)DoctoralLaurie J Ouellette
Comparative Studies In Discourse and Society (Twin Cities)DoctoralLaurie J Ouellette
Computer Science (Duluth)MastersPeter Willemsen
Computer Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralAbhishek Chandra
Conservation Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralAndrew M Simons
Creative Writing (Twin Cities)MastersJulie Schumacher
Curriculum and Instruction (Twin Cities)Masters
Cyber Security (Twin Cities)Minor onlyMichael P Johnson
Data Science (Twin Cities)MastersDaniel L Boley
Dental Hygiene (Twin Cities)MastersChristine M Blue
Dental Therapy (Twin Cities)MastersKarl D Self
Dentistry (Twin Cities)MastersStephen K Shuman
Design (Twin Cities)DoctoralBarbara E Martinson
Development Practice (Twin Cities)MastersKaren Brown
Development Studies and Social Change (Twin Cities)Minor onlyKaren Brown
Disability Policy and Services (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Doctor of Business Admin D B A (Twin Cities)Doctoral
Dual Language and Immersion Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Early Childhood Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Early Childhood Policy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJudy Temple
Early Modern Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyJB Shank
Earth Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid L Fox
Ecological Restoration (Twin Cities)Minor only
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (Twin Cities)DoctoralElizabeth Borer
Economics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Amil K Petrin
Educ, Curriculum & Instruction, Teaching Licensure (Twin Cities)Masters
Education (Duluth)MastersDr Julia M Williams
Education Administration (Duluth)MastersDr Charles O Rick
Education Sciences (Twin Cities)Minor onlyMark L Davison
Education, Curriculum & Instruction (Twin Cities)DoctoralGillian H Roehrig
Educational Administration Licensure (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Educational Computing and Tech certificate program (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Educational Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralErnest C Davenport Jr
Election Administration (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateLarry Jacobs
Electrical Engineering (Duluth)MastersJing Bai
Electrical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf murti v salapaka
Emerging Leaders in Private Colleges (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Engineering (Duluth)MastersMichael A Rother
Engineering Management (Duluth)MastersRobert G Feyen
English (Duluth)MastersCraig Stroupe
English (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf John Watkins
Entomology (Twin Cities)DoctoralTimothy J Kurtti
Environmental Education (Duluth)MastersJulie A Ernst
Environmental Education certificate program (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Matt Simcik
Environmental Health (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Elizabeth V Wattenberg
Environmental Health and Safety (Duluth)MastersRobert G Feyen
Environmental Restoration Engineering and Science (Twin Cities)MastersVaughan R Voller
Epidemiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Michael Oakes
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (Twin Cities)DoctoralAngela K Birnbaum PhD
Family Education (Twin Cities)MastersCatherine A Solheim PhD
Family Social Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralCatherine A Solheim PhD
Feminist and Critical Sexuality Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyZenzele Isoke
Feminist Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralZenzele Isoke
Finance (Twin Cities)MastersRobert S Goldstein
Financial Mathematics (Twin Cities)MastersProf Richard P McGehee
Food Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralJoellen M Feirtag PhD
French (Twin Cities)DoctoralChristophe M Wall-Romana
French Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateBetsy J Kerr
Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateProf Richard P McGehee
Geoengineering (Twin Cities)MastersVaughan R Voller
Geographic Information Science (Twin Cities)MastersSusanna A McMaster
Geographical Information Science (Duluth)Post-Bac Certificate
Geography (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Kurt Kipfmueller
Geological Sciences (Duluth)MastersNigel J Wattrus
Germanic Studies (Twin Cities)DoctoralMatthias Rothe
Gerontology (Twin Cities)Minor onlyJoseph E Gaugler
Global Health (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Graduate Licensure (Duluth)
Health Care Design and Innovation (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Health Communication (Twin Cities)MastersMarco Yzer
Health Equity (Twin Cities)Minor onlyProf Kathleen T Call PhD
Health Equity (Twin Cities)Minor onlyRhonda J Jones-Webb
Health Informatics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid S Pieczkiewicz PhD
Health Journalism and Communication (Twin Cities)MastersDan Sullivan
Health Services Research, Policy, and Admin (Twin Cities)DoctoralKaren M Kuntz
Healthcare Administration (Twin Cities)MastersJean M Abraham
Heritage Studies and Public History (Twin Cities)Masters
Hispanic & Lusophone Lit, Cultures and Linguistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralWilliam R Viestenz
History (Twin Cities)DoctoralAnn B Waltner
History of Science, Technology & Medicine (Twin Cities)DoctoralJennifer K Alexander
Horticulture MPS (Twin Cities)MastersMary H Meyer
Housing Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateBarbara E Martinson
Human Factors/Ergonomics (Twin Cities)DoctoralKathleen A Harder
Human Resource Development (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa S Anderson
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)MastersAvner Ben-Ner
Human Resources and Industrial Relations (Twin Cities)MastersStacy Doepner-Hove
Human Rights (Twin Cities)Minor onlyBarbara A Frey
Human Rights MHR (Twin Cities)MastersBarbara A Frey
Human Rights MHR (Twin Cities)MastersProf James Ron
Human Services Leadership (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDr Jodi R Sandfort
Human Sexuality (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Industrial and Systems Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralWilliam L Cooper
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Infrastructure Systems Management and Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersA P Hilger, AIA
Integrated Behavioral Health (Twin Cities)MastersDebra S Wamsley
Integrated Biosciences (All-University)DoctoralJennifer O Liang
Integrative Biology and Physiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Catherine M Kotz PhD
Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching (Twin Cities)MastersSusan K O'Conner-Von PhD
Integrative Leadership (Twin Cities)Minor onlyLouis N Quast
Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateSusan K O'Conner-Von PhD
International Education (Twin Cities)Minor onlyGerald W Fry
Interpersonal Relationships Research (Twin Cities)Minor onlyJeff Simpson
Italian Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlySusanna F Ferlito
Juridical Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralNeha Jain
K-12 Technology Integration (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Kinesiology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Diane M Wiese-Bjornstal PhD
Land and Atmospheric Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralDylan B Millet
Land and Atmospheric Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralD J Mulla
Landscape Architecture (Twin Cities)MastersKristine F Miller
Law (Twin Cities)Minor onlyFred L Morrison
Leadership in Education (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa S Anderson
Leadership in Health Info Tech for Health Profls (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Liberal Studies (Duluth)MastersMitra C Emad
Linguistics (Duluth)Minor onlyChongwon Park
Linguistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralClaire D Halpert
Literacy & Rhetorical Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyRichard J Graff
Literacy Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Management Fundamentals (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateJean M Abraham
Management of Technology (Twin Cities)MastersTariq Samad
Mass Communication (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Jisu Huh
Materials Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralRussell J Holmes
Maternal and Child Health MPH program (Twin Cities)MastersEllen W Demerath
Mathematics (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Richard P McGehee
Mechanical Engineering (Duluth)MastersDebao Zhou
Mechanical Engineering (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Chris Hogan
Medical Device Innovation (Twin Cities)MastersDr Daniel L Mooradian
Medical Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Parham Alaei
Medicinal Chemistry (Twin Cities)DoctoralBarry C Finzel
Medieval Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyMichelle M Hamilton
Metropolitan Design (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Microbial Ecology (Twin Cities)Minor onlyDr Michael J Sadowsky
Microbial Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersBrett M Barney
Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralWade A Bresnahan
Molecular and Systems Toxicology (Twin Cities)Doctoral
Molecular, Cellular, Devel Biology and Genetics (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Duncan J Clarke
Molecular, Cellular, Devel Biology and Genetics (Twin Cities)DoctoralHiroshi Nakato
Moving Image Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyLaurie J Ouellette
Multicultural College Teaching and Learning (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa S Anderson
Multicultural College Teaching and Learning (Twin Cities)MastersKaren L Miksch
Multimedia Design and Development (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Museum Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyMs Lin Nelson-Mayson
Music (Duluth)MastersMark E Whitlock
Music (Twin Cities)DoctoralJerry M Luckhardt
Music Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Natural Resources Science & Management (Twin Cities)DoctoralMae A Davenport
Neuroengineering (Twin Cities)Minor onlyProf Bin He
Neuroscience (Twin Cities)DoctoralDavid Redish
Nonprofit Management (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa M Stone
Nurse Midwifery (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Nursing (Twin Cities)DoctoralJayne Fulkerson
Nutrition (Twin Cities)DoctoralXiaoli Chen
Occupational Therapy (Twin Cities)MastersPeggy M Martin PhD
Online Distance Learning (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Oral Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Kim Mansky
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (Twin Cities)DoctoralMelissa S Anderson
Orthoptics (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMichael S Lee
Otolaryngology (Twin Cities)DoctoralBevan Yueh
Parent Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Patent Law (Twin Cities)MastersWilliam McGeveran
Patent Law (Twin Cities)MastersChristopher M Turoski
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Performance Improvement (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Pharmaceutics (Twin Cities)DoctoralProf Calvin Sun
Pharmacology (Twin Cities)DoctoralColin R Campbell
Philosophy (Twin Cities)DoctoralRoy T Cook
Physical Activity and Health (Twin Cities)MastersDr Diane M Wiese-Bjornstal PhD
Physical Therapy (Twin Cities)DoctoralPaula M Ludewig
Physics (Duluth)MastersAlec T Habig
Physics (Twin Cities)DoctoralJorge Vinals
Plant and Microbial Biology (Twin Cities)DoctoralPeter L Tiffin
Plant Pathology (Twin Cities)DoctoralDean K Malvick
Policy Issues on Work and Pay (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMaria J Hanratty
Political Psychology (Twin Cities)Minor onlyC. D Myers
Political Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralKathryn L Pearson
Population Studies (Twin Cities)Minor onlyJ. David Hacker
Prevention Science (Twin Cities)Minor onlyCatherine A Solheim PhD
Product Design (Twin Cities)Minor onlyDr Barry Kudrowitz
Professional Development Certificate (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Program Evaluation (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Program Evaluation (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDavid R Johnson PhD
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Psychological Science (Duluth)MastersDr Lara LaCaille
Psychology (Twin Cities)DoctoralGordon E Legge
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)DoctoralKevin S Gerdes
Public Affairs (Twin Cities)DoctoralGreg H Lindsey
Public Affairs Leadership (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateKevin S Gerdes
Public Art (Twin Cities)Minor onlyMr Craig A Amundsen
Public Health (Twin Cities)Minor onlyKristin E Anderson PhD
Public Health Admin and Policy MPH program (Twin Cities)MastersRebecca Wurtz
Public Health Core Concepts (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateCraig W Hedberg
Public Health Food Protection (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateCraig W Hedberg
Public Health Informatics (Twin Cities)MastersDouglas R Wholey
Public Health Nutrition MPH program (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa N Laska
Public Health Practice (Twin Cities)MastersCraig W Hedberg
Public Health Preparedness/Response/Recovery (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateCraig W Hedberg
Public Policy (Twin Cities)MastersZhirong J Zhao
Quaternary Paleoecology (Twin Cities)Minor onlyProf Emi Ito
Rehabilitation Science (Twin Cities)DoctoralDawn A Lowe
Religious Studies (Twin Cities)Minor only
Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Comm (Twin Cities)DoctoralJohn Logie
Risk Analysis for Introduced Species and Genotypes (Twin Cities)Minor onlyDavid Andow
Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (Twin Cities)MastersProf Gabriel A Au-Chan
Scientific and Technical Communication (Twin Cities)MastersLaura M Pigozzi
Scientific Computation (Twin Cities)DoctoralVictor H Barocas
Security Technologies (Twin Cities)MastersMichael P Johnson
Sexual Health (Twin Cities)Minor only
Social and Administrative Pharmacy (Twin Cities)DoctoralJon C Schommer
Social Work (Duluth)MastersDr Lake E Dziengel
Social Work (Twin Cities)DoctoralJoseph R Merighi
Social Work (Twin Cities)DoctoralR M Raschick
Sociocultural Studies in Education (Twin Cities)Minor onlyPeter Demerath
Sociology (Twin Cities)DoctoralJeylan T Mortimer
Software Engineering (Twin Cities)MastersDr Michael W Whalen
Special Education (Twin Cities)Masters
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (Twin Cities)DoctoralLizbeth H Finestack
Sport and Exercise Science (Twin Cities)MastersDr Diane M Wiese-Bjornstal PhD
Sport Management (Twin Cities)MastersDr Diane M Wiese-Bjornstal PhD
Statistics (Twin Cities)DoctoralMr Yuhong Yang
Stem Cell Biology (Twin Cities)MastersSusan A Keirstead
Strategic Communication (Twin Cities)MastersStacey B Kanihan
Stream Restoration Science and Engineering (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateVaughan R Voller
Studies in Africa and the African Diaspora (Twin Cities)Minor onlyRose M Brewer
Studies of Science and Technology (Twin Cities)Minor onlyAlan C Love
Supply Chain Management (Twin Cities)MastersKingshuk K Sinha
Surgery (Twin Cities)MastersGregory J Beilman
Sustainable Agriculture Systems (Twin Cities)Minor onlyCraig C Sheaffer
Talent Development and Gifted Education (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Teaching and Learning (Duluth)DoctoralJulie A Ernst
Teaching Writing and Critical Literacy (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Technical Communication (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateLaura M Pigozzi
Theatre Arts (Twin Cities)DoctoralMargaret L Werry
Transportation Studies (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateDavid M Levinson
Tribal Administration and Governance (Duluth)MastersProf Tadd M Johnson Esq
Undergraduate Multicultural Teaching & Learning (Twin Cities)Post-Bac CertificateMelissa S Anderson
Urban and Regional Planning (Twin Cities)MastersRyan P Allen
Veterinary Medicine (Twin Cities)DoctoralDr Robert J Washabau, VMD, PhD
Water Resources Science (All-University)DoctoralDr John L Nieber
Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Twin Cities)Post-Bac Certificate
Work and Human Resource Education (Twin Cities)MastersMelissa S Anderson
Youth Development Leadership (Twin Cities)MastersJoseph R Merighi