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Design (Twin Cities)
Highest Degree OfferedDoctoral
Graduate Education Faculty42
  -Tenure Track8
Student Headcount (majors)61
Student Headcount (minors)0
Current Student Objectives
Design Ph D35
  -Apparel Studies21
  -Graphic Design9
  -Housing Studies2
  -Interior Design5
Design M A (see admissions note**)4
  -Apparel Studies4
  -Graphic Design0
  -Interior Design1
  -Plan A2
  -Plan B0
Design M S (see admissions note**)12
  -Apparel Studies6
  -Graphic Design0
  -Housing Studies1
  -Interior Design0
  -Plan A3
  -Plan B1
  -Plan C1
  -Product Design7
Design M F A (see admissions note**)8
  -Graphic Design5
  -Plan C5
Design (minor)0
Program Contacts
Director of Graduate Studies (PhD, MA, MS, M F A, minor)Brad Hokansonbrad@umn.edu612/624-4918
Graduate Program Coordinator (PhD, MA, MS, M F A, minor)Elizabeth J Goebelgoebe005@umn.edu612/626-1219
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